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The Wizard

Bailey Craven

Role: Owner & CEO/CTO
Skills: Hosting, Development, Networking, Marketing

The Boss

Lauren Webb

Role: Owner & CFO
Skills: Marketing, Development, Finance

Digital Creator

Jordan Craven

Role: Lead Photographer
Skills: Development, Photography

Our Story

It's Simple. We Create Solutions.



The technological world has always been a fascinating place with a wide variety of options. The problem is that a lot of the options available are not always safe even if they appear safe. Starting with good practice regarding passwords, emails, websites, downloads as standard recommendations served many people well but we started to feel like there was more we could do.


Learning Curve

Originally we set our focus more so on the security rather than overall performance. By breaking down each part of our services and re-building the core infrastructures allowed us to not only offer the best security but also the best performance. We do this by hosting solutions in the cloud.



When you host products where they can be redundant and scalable it reduces the cost of maintainenance and repairs as well as improving the response and up-time. While we added many web and development solutions we also retained many consumer services from virus removal, new pc build, home networking, logo design and more knowing that this was just the start.



After quite some time of meeting many possible partners, testing various products and future proofing ourselves for you we re-launched the company offering more solutions than ever before. Now offering Hosting, Development, Networking & Marketing as the core services allows us to cover all of the primary areas you might need to showcase your digital content.



While the Journey has just begun there has been so much to already happen. We couldn't be where we are today without the love and support of our clients and so for that we thank you greatly. We are always looking for more ways to serve you, if you have any suggestions or have skills you think could be useful please connect with us to discuss more.

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